At LLC "PBK Terminal”, clear goal setting and following is encouraged. The goal determines where we should go, what to work for. By setting goals, we are building our future, so we look beyond immediate interests, checking our goals for compliance with the Company's chosen development strategy. Successful fulfillment of goals set for each individual employee helps to achieve the success of the entire company.

We call effective the activities of the Company and each of its individual employees if it achieves planned results with the minimum amount of resources required for this. “Do” and “do” are different concepts. The work of each is evaluated by specific results, and also takes into account what price this result was obtained.


The norm for the Company is the continuous development and introduction of new technologies, the modernization of equipment, the improvement of professional skills of employees, the improvement of the efficiency of all business processes, the growth of labor productivity. It is this, and not the “proximity to the oil pipe” that allows us to count on long-term success. In our understanding, responsibility is the ability of each employee to associate the result with his personal activity. We strive to ensure that each of us feels responsible not only for his own area of ​​work, but also for the activities of the Company as a whole.


The peculiarity of our business is such that it determines the need for the strictest discipline and compliance with the established rules. We allow only informed and thoughtful risk. We recognize that everyone has the right to make a mistake, but everyone must take a lesson from an error in order not to repeat it in the future.

We strive to ensure well-being and confidence in the future for all employees, emphasizing that well-being depends on the results of each work, as well as on the external conditions of the work of LLC "PBK Terminal”. We are accountable to our employees. We respect their dignity and recognize their merits. We strive to fairly and adequately reward their work. We are constantly improving the working conditions.


  • Creating a team of professionals and like-minded people.
  • Expanding the company's scope of activity in the field of industrial and civil construction, to strengthen its position, ensure image growth and wealth.
  • Conducting non-emergency construction activities, as well as a negative environmental impact.
  • Creating a positive company reputation in the international services market.
  • Improving the quality of services provided.
  • Ensuring the financial stability of the company.
  • Ensuring maximum profitability of ongoing projects.
  • Forecasting the needs and demands of customers and their willingness to satisfy them first among competing companies
  • Creating better working conditions and professional growth for your employees.