tank farm, storage tank,terminal ЭРЗ

We realize the transportation of petroleum products throughout Russia, as well as to the CIS countries. The company has its own vessels and fleet of vehicles. This allows us to provide for our customer’s services for the transportation of various types of light petroleum products: diesel fuel, gasoline, diesel, fuel, kerosene and much more. The company also transports bitumen, fuel oil, and motor oil. For transportation, specially equipped tanks are used - bitumovoza. This allows you to maintain the optimum temperature of dark petroleum products, which is very important during their transportation.

Working with us, you can be absolutely sure that your order will be delivered on time and with strict observance of all safety rules. Having vast experience in the field of organization of transportation of petroleum products, we will help determine the most optimal route and select the most favorable transportation conditions. As you know, fuel is one of the most dangerous goods. In this regard, special signs are placed on the vehicles. For transport, only special tanks are used, whose condition is carefully monitored. The entire fleet of the company regularly undergoes technical inspection, repairs, and service.

tank farm, storage tank,terminal ЭРЗ

Transportation of oil and oil products in this way is very economical. Water transport is sea and river and works both domestically and for export. Its share in the total volume of oil transportation is about 13 percent. If to compare with the railway, then such transportation consumes much less fuel per unit of transported cargo, fewer personnel are involved and less metal costs per unit of carrying capacity. In addition, this type of delivery is characterized by a small private weight of the vehicle in relation to the weight of the transported cargo. In connection with these advantages and it turns out an acceptable price of delivery.

Inside our country, marine transportation of petroleum products is used in the Black, Caspian, Azov, Okhotsk, Japan and Baltic Seas.The main advantage of maritime transport is the low cost of delivery, which is provided by the use of heavy vessels for transportation over long distances.

River transport is used to deliver petroleum products to those tank farms that have access to the river. The total length of the Russian navigable rivers is about 150 thousand kilometers.The advantage of river transport is the high carrying capacity of the waterway, as well as the possibility of redeploying the fleet from one river basin to another. In some regions of our country (Yakutia, Tyumen, Novosibirsk and Omsk regions) river transport is the main way of oil transportation.

The main drawback of river transport is that it cannot be used in winter. This necessitates the creation of intermoving oil reserves, for which large reservoirs are needed. Another disadvantage of such transport is the discrepancy between the geographical position of the river network and the main oil cargo flows, as a result of which the delivery distance increases. In addition, the speed of river transportation is quite low when compared with other types of transport.