LLC "PBK Terminal” was registered on June 22, 2017 by the registrar of the INSPECTION of the FEDERAL TAX SERVICE IN THE VYBORG DISTRICT OF THE LENINGRAD REGION. The head of the organization: General Director Igor Radkin. The legal address of LLC "PBK Terminal” is 188471, Leningrad Region, Kingiseppsky District, Ust-Luga Village, Shipyard Quarter, Building 1a, Building 1. The main activity is “Storage and warehousing of oil and its products”, 2 additional activities have been registered . Organizations of LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY "PBK TERMINAL" were assigned TIN 4707039867, BIN 1174704008137, OKPO 16100815.

Since June 22, 2017, the Oil-loading area has received a new name - LLC "PBK Terminal”". The program of phased construction of the terminal and commissioning of new facilities while carrying out production activities has proven its effectiveness. The tank farm increased significantly, new moorings, railway overpasses and other port infrastructure facilities were built. Wastewater treatment plants with the technology of a multi-stage water purification system were commissioned. The treatment plant serves not only the infrastructure facilities of the terminal, but also accepts oil-containing water from other enterprises operating in the Gulf of Finland for treatment.

Another record and ISO 9001 certification

The milestone was over 10 million tons, and the record amount of petroleum products was overloaded - 10.8 million tons. This record can be regarded as a kind of gift to the company for its decade.Certification of the quality management system requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2000.

Automation of data exchange

LLC "PBK Terminal” initiated the exchange of data in electronic form in the preparation of documents for the organization of cargo transportation - introduced the so-called automated system ETRAN (Electronic Bill of Lading). In 2018, the project of exchanging data in electronic form between AS ETRAN and ACS of the terminal using electronic signature was finally realized.

Kerosene at the LLC "PBK Terminal”

Handling of jet fuel for export. A tanker Sten Idun with a deadweight of 16,600 tons was loaded from the terminal berth with a cargo of TS-1 jet fuel produced by the Kirishi refinery. The loading volume on the tanker was 15,000 tons. For all the time LLC "PBK Terminal” initiated has been operating, the fuel has been reloaded for the first time. The main recipients of the goods are North-West European companies.