The company implements an open, accessible and effective environmental policy, which is the basis for the development and implementation of specific goals and objectives in the field of environmental protection, rational use of natural resources and ensuring environmental safety. When designing the facilities of LLC "PBK Terminal”, a set of organizational, technical and environmental measures was developed aimed at reducing adverse environmental impacts and reducing their consequences for the environment.

In particular:
  • LLC "PBK Terminal” has the only specialized OSR base with an environmental fleet in the Ust-Luga Sea Trade Port.
  • In accordance with the developed OSR Plans, all necessary rescue equipment for collecting oil and petroleum products was acquired, including specialized swimming equipment, booms of various modifications, neutralizing solutions and sorbents, special equipment, equipment, tools, technical means for localization and liquidation works oil spill on the coastal part.
  • for the prevention and elimination of oil and petroleum products spills in the water area of ​​the bulk cargo complex of LLC "PBK Terminal”, a Plan was developed and approved for the prevention and elimination of oil and oil products spills in the water area of ​​the bulk cargo complex of LLC "PBK Terminal” in the Ust -Luga.
  • for the prevention and elimination of oil spills on the coastal part of the bulk cargo complex of LLC "PBK Terminal”, developed and agreed with state control and supervisory bodies of the Plan for the prevention and elimination of oil spills on the coastal part of the bulk cargo complex of LLC "PBK Terminal”.
  • in order to prevent forest fires and ensure the protection of the forest fund, the Company carries out activities that include fire protection of forests (installation of fire-fighting mineralized belts, organization of a concentration point for fire-fighting equipment), provision of means to prevent and extinguish forest fires;
  • To reduce the negative impact on the environment when handling waste, the Company entered into agreements with licensed waste management organizations. In LLC "PBK Terminal” selective collection of production and consumption waste is carried out;
  • To monitor the state of atmospheric air in the territory of the production facilities, gas sensors are installed. Control is carried out by continuous measurement of gas concentrations and their conversion into a unified output signal as part of an automated system;
  • to prevent pollution of the water area, wastewater treatment plants for the reception and treatment of industrial and household waste water with a total capacity of 2,550 m3 / day have been built and commissioned. The work of treatment facilities ensures compliance with the standards of maximum permissible concentrations of harmful substances in water bodies for fisheries;
  • the selected technology of recirculation heating of dark oil products reduces emissions of oil vapor into the atmosphere and reduces the risks of water pollution compared to the technology of heating with steam;
  • tanks are equipped with respiratory safety valves with a capacity in accordance with the maximum performance of technological operations on discharge-filling, preventing emissions of vapors of harmful substances into the atmosphere;
  • railway overpasses and mooring facilities have a solid concrete coating, which excludes ingress of petroleum products into the ground;
  • around the perimeter of the tanks, protective closed reinforced concrete fences are provided - embankments, the volumes of the dumps of the tanks correspond to 100% of the volume of the reservoir in the embankment;
  • tanks for light oil products are equipped with pontoons, which reduces emissions of pollutants into the air by more than 90%.

The Company carries out continuous industrial environmental monitoring by conducting laboratory measurements and analyzes with the assistance of specialized accredited laboratories. As part of production control, continuous monitoring of the state of atmospheric air, water bodies and their water protection zones, earthen (forest) areas and soil cover, as well as the status of biological resources - objects of the animal and plant worlds and their habitats is carried out.

The management and specialists of the Company regularly undergo training (advanced training) in the field of environmental protection and environmental safety.