To ensure fire and explosion safety of its facilities, the Company has adopted the necessary engineering solutions and carries out the following organizational and technical activities:

  • alarms and locks are constantly maintained in good working order;
  • compliance with the fire and explosion safety rules, the rules for production of fire, gas hazardous and other dangerous operations is being monitored;
  • the industrial facilities are equipped with automatic and automated foam fire-extinguishing systems, water cooling (spraying) systems, an automatic fire alarm system, manual fire alarms, fire hydrants and manifolds installed on fire mains, fire water storage tanks, a pumping station for fire water supply;
  • stationary devices are used that unsure grounding of buildings and structures, process equipment, pipelines and metal structures;
  • a strict control is exercised to check the compliance of motor vehicles entering the territory with the fire safety requirements;
  • the Company ensures the maintenance and compliance with the operating rules of electric equipment, lightning protection devices and means of protection against static electricity.
  • explosion-proof electrical equipment is used.

For fire protection of its facilities, LLC "PBK Terminal” cooperates with the contractual unit of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the Leningrad Region, the Fire-Fighting and Rescue Unit No. 75 of the Federal Budgetary Institution “The 2nd Brigade of the Fire-Fighting and Rescue Units of the State Fire-Fighting Service for the Leningrad Region (Contractual)”. The emergency response team of the fire-fighting brigade has 5 fire-fighting vehicles: 3 fire bluster tank trucks (two trucks with a capacity of 8 tons of water, and one 5-ton truck), 1 foam-extinguishing vehicle (8 tons of foaming agent), 1 foam tower.


The territory of the terminal is safe, but you can not exclude the possibility of minor incidents. We ask you to follow the requirements of LLC "PBK Terminal”, which are mandatory for all employees and visitors of our company.

On the territory of the company is prohibited:
  • Use open fire
  • Smoking in the wrong place
  • Use of mobile phones in RED ZONES
Zoning of the territory of LLC "PBK Terminal”

Our company is divided into three zones:

  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red

There are no hazardous and harmful production factors in the GREEN (administrative buildings and territories adjacent to them, utility rooms, roads surrounding the perimeter of the terminal), therefore the use of PPE is not necessary here.

The ORANGE zones (internal roads and driveways on the territory of the LLC "PBK Terminal”) include areas with minimal harmful production factors, therefore, to enter these areas, you need to use a minimum set of PPE (helmet, shoes with a protected toe cap and a suit from industrial pollution) department of Occupational Safety, industrial safety and environmental protection.

In RED zones (discharge fronts, storage tanks, racks, pumping, boiler room, wastewater treatment plants, berthing facilities, automotive outlets), hazardous production factors are possible, therefore, you need to use the entire set of PPE for entering these areas to enter.