tank farm, storage tank,terminal ЭРЗ

At its disposal, LLC "PBK Terminal”, on the territory of the Russia Federation, has a tank farm designed for receiving, storing and supplying petroleum products , which makes it possible to provide customers with the goods in the required volumes and on time.

On the territory of the tank farm there are 37 tanks with a total volume of 397 thousand m 3, for the storage of diesel fuel, gasoline, gas condensate and gas distillate condensate.

All tanks comply with international standards and are designed for storing a wide range of petroleum products. In 2018, two tanks of 40 thousand m 3 each were built using more ergonomic and environmentally friendly double wall technology.

For the processing of viscous petroleum products, such as fuel oil and vacuum gas oil, three railway racks were built at the terminal. The discharge technology is based on the principle of group recycling method of heating oil products. The group consists of 6 well. tanks, heat exchange equipment, pumping equipment and control systems. Pumping equipment and heat exchange equipment is located directly within the discharge rack. The unloading process is automated and controlled from the operator drain. The heat agent is a high-temperature carrier - thermal oil.

tank farm, storage tank,terminal ЭРЗ

This configuration of the equipment and the control system allow unloading of fuel oil in the summer period in 4.5 - 5.0 hours and in the winter period in 8.0 hours per one set of route for unloading. On one of the racks, a technical solution was additionally implemented for the upper erosion of fuel oil, which should make it possible to reduce the time for unloading heavy fuel oil. The possibility of the appearance of such products is expected in connection with the implementation of a program to increase the depth of oil refining at oil refineries.

Storage tanks for dark petroleum products are thermally insulated and equipped with an external heating system to maintain the desired product temperature. Storage tanks for light petroleum products are equipped with pontoons to reduce evaporation of petroleum products and reduce emissions into the atmosphere. The technological piping of tank farms with a pipeline system allows us to solve two important tasks: to ensure the segregated storage of various batches of petroleum products and, if necessary, modify the allocated tank capacity to accumulate specific tanker shipments.

The presence of such capacious tanks has increased the terminal's capacity for one-time storage of petroleum products and generally improved the quality of the service, providing the terminal's customers with greater opportunities for transshipment and storage of petroleum products.

You can get acquainted with our prices directly with our storage manager, which will not take you much time. Prices will vary depending on how much and what kind of oil you need to store. You make sure that our loyal pricing policy is aimed at establishing an adequate cost of storing petroleum products. So, with us you will be able to spend less and save enough, getting the service at a high level.