To ensure sustainable and safe operation of the Company, to protect individual and collective interests against any acts of unlawful interference, to ensure the antiterrorist security of the Bulk Liquid Cargo Complex, the Company takes the following transport security measures:

  • the Company takes measures to ensure transport safety in accordance with the Plan for Ensuring Transport Security of a Transport Infrastructure Facility, as developed and approved on February 28, 2013 by the Federal Agency of Sea and River Transport;
  • the works on design, construction and commissioning of technical and engineering means to ensure transport safety have been completed in full;
  • the employees of LLC "PBK Terminal”, who are members of transport security forces, have received special training and have been certified based on the training results;
  • the access control and intra-site security procedures are implemented in strict compliance with the Federal Law ‘On Transport Security’ (FZ No. 16 dated February 9, 2007) and the approved ‘Regulation on Access Control and Intra-site Security Procedures’;
  • the Company’s staff and all individuals staying in the territory of the transport infrastructure facilities are informed, in a clear and accessible form, about the applicable requirements and restrictions in the field of transport security that regulate their activities.

On the territory of LLC "PBK Terminal” operates a zone of transport security. Passage and passage is carried out only through the checkpoint.

When driving a vehicle, it is prohibited to:
  • use mobile communications;
  • Drive with dipped headlights, running lights or fog lamps;
  • use mobile communications.
The territory of LLC "PBK Terminal” prohibited the introduction of (carriage):
  • mercury and other substances, cargoes and objects that fall under the signs of the above-mentioned substances;
  • flammable solids and liquids;
  • poisonous toxic and irritating substances;
  • compressed and liquefied gases, gases for domestic use (butane-propane, etc.);
  • explosives and stuffed with them, ammunition;
  • tear exposure;
  • gas cartridges and cartridges for gas pistols (revolvers) with the filling of neuroparalytic and
  • Firearms and cold weapons of all kinds (including gas);
  • caustic corrosive or oxidizing materials and substances;
  • magnetized materials;
  • radioactive materials.

It is forbidden to smoke, use open fire. Failure to comply with the requirements for ensuring transport security is punishable under Art. 11.15.1 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation (fine from 3,000 to 5,000 rubles).